The Celts

The celts lived in house made of sticks,mud and wood. They had tools  also they had 6 nations these are names they came from came from Scotland, Island.

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Alex and the Magic Pencil

This is a story of a small chid called Alex who lived in the worlds most boring village: Slumberton.

Grown ups loved it there, especially old people. But Alex wanted more…”I WANT AN ADVENTURE!”

But Alex didnt know what laid in store when the magic pencil appeared…

He touched the magic pencil and wished for an adventure.  Then he touched it again, the room flickered and suddenly, he was in a field and again he touched it the field flickered and he ended up in a room with no doors, no curtains and no windows or anything.  It was just a room the room had bricks everywhere, they were surrounding him, then he noticed the magic pencil wasn’t there.

He woke up “phew it was just a dream”. He stopped for a minute and looked aroud and all he could see was bricks around him, it wasn’t just a dream, his dream was coming to life.  Then the bricks were on fire, he had a feeling the pencil was under the bed. It was under the bed and yet agan he touched the pencil and it took him to a deep, dark, creepy…room!

It was so dark and creepy that he screamed and the scream came back at him and he realised that it was a person.  He walked forward and saw two gloomy eyes and it said “hello” Alex shouted “I don’t want an adventure anymore”.

The pencil took him straight home, as soon as he was home Alex snapped the pencil into two and from then on Alex lived his normal life once again.

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The magic pencil

But Alex didn’t know what was laying on the floor   when a magic pencil appeared

Then all of a sudden Alex started writting a story about the magic pencil

Then Alex ened up in a deep dark forest. But then Alex saw a entrens and in there was…. Lots of faires, but  Alex can’t belive it  was unbliveabul. But Alex notis that the pencil was still there…..

Then he droppted the pencil and stoppted writting so then he picted up the pencil again and he was in the story again.  Then Alex saw a big glow when some of the faries was carring a big ball of glow.

Then  Alex had a ice cream and a chocolate bar then a dimaon on the floor and faries was crading around him. Then alex new that it was all because of the pencil. So  he stop writting and went for and then it went MISSING!

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the majic pensl

hiy  fawnerd it  and as  soon  as  hiy  rote  a  bawt  a  yonicun  hiy  sede  ,,it  is a  driym  cum  troo,, .And  stud   bfur  him  wos  a   yoncun  hiy  wos  dlaytd  so hiy hopt on . hiy cam tourds it and a wulf sede ,,aroooooooooooooooooooooooo,, thay

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The magic pencil

But Alex didnt know what lay in store…he drew an amaganery land where it was epic!Alex drew a cave,it was a deep,dark cave.The further he went,the darker it grew.He saw skelitons, gold, chans “RRROOOAAARRR!”Alex saw light it looked like fire.He looked and saw a tail,spiky feet, blood red teeth!That combo could be a DRAGON!He drew armer and a sword.

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the magic pencil

One peety moning alx fawend a magic pencil. the nest day alex did a very long story abot a lost boy in a darck cave and hh was so so scerrd aabot it .He said i what to go home then..
THEN it came to lived he was so scerdy and then he sawer sombodey he said do you no where my family and she said no sorey can you mack me go home yes a can 123 and go. then he land in hes bed but he was so in tame for school his mum shoted alex it tame for school . ok mum i am geting rediy now wow alex youer yust in tame today that is so good alex thhat we well goawt for diner.

mum iam home i will go and get chench to go out i love you so much go ….

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The magic pencil

But Alex didnt know what lay in store when the   Magic pencil appered….

When he picked up the  pencil  he started to  draw a unicorn

And then it came alive I coudent belive it I was really shoked to see it

come alive  I  Jumed on to the back  of the unicorn and then went  to the forest

we sore a brige so we walked past it  we got to the end  and we went

all over town on the unicorn  I walked to to  the little  little pond I found louds of money at

the bottem of the little little pond I stealed every single  last coin  I  was rich not  rich

more than that 10xrich  more than that i got back on my horse

and went back to my house and had a good night sleep in the  amazing morning

we went and had  a water fight bye



From Amber hope you engoy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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magic pencil

It was a beautiful morning in Slumberton, but Alex didn’t know what lay in store when the magic pencil appeared… when he picks it up his clothes change. Before he was in his school uniform and now he  is in a superhero costume. He is PencilMan!! He protects people from the devasting volcano!!!

One day he was flying in the sky and he saw Doris and Boris, an elderley couple walking up towards the dangerous volcano. PencilMan swooped down, crying “Stop! You’ll be killed!”

phew that close

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the magic pencil

This is the story of a small child called Alex who lived in the world’s most boring village.Alex didn’t know what lay in store when the magic pencil appeared.Alex graped the pencil and started to write.Alex rite about a Unicorn.He went outside and seen the unicorn… ‘Lets keep you’shouted Alex.The Unicorn went into the woods.Alex started to rub the Unicorn out.Alex was realy alone and upset.Alex started to draw a picture.Alex got yelled from down stairs.In Alexes bedroom UNICORN.Alex went back it was a mess. Alex seen the Unicorn flying in the window,Alex went to the window and said wait for me. the unicorn came back and gave Alex a ride to the forist and Alex picked a apple and gave it to the unicorn and came best friends for EVER.

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The magic pencil

But Alex dindt know what lay in store when the magic pencil appeared…

Alex lived in the dark forist it was it was so dark in the woods.

He lived his preirens and he was so clean  and the magic pencil came to him and he sterted to drarw a magic loin on the floor.

I cutent belive it what happend it was so magic what happend it was so freekey and Alex went out.

But just in the curner he saw a little boy and Alex sed what is your name my name is bob what is your name my name is Alex where are you going to am going to my nans I am going to my nans to where dus your nan live in the woods why are you going to your nans because I want to show her this magic pencil show me no i cant I,ve got to know see you later.

why are you going to your nans to because am taken a cake to her because she is purly well I,ll see you later then by he went to his nans and showed and she sed wow Alex know are you going back home yes A,ll hed of now to my mum and dad because they will be wundring where I,am so I,ll just hed home now I,ll hed of by nan .

But Alex was coled and he saw a red cote so he put it on and he started to floted in the air and he was so scied to go up into the air but then he herd a voise in the air it is me my name is bill where is your mum and dad I dont no I an lost.

I am going back to my house but I am lost I dont no where I am going I will show you where to go this whey then in ges you want to go home I do but I can see my mum and dad look mummy and daddy I love you.

from keva


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